Dear Parent,

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join the family here at Chabad Cohen Hebrew School!


Here at Cohen Hebrew School, we offer a new way of educating children, so that their love of Judaism won’t expire at Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Cohen Hebrew School is a stimulating and friendly learning environment where children are instilled with:

·       a true sense of Jewish pride

·       a foundation of Hebrew language

·       a well-rounded appreciation of Judaism

·       a deep love for the land of Israel.

Our school is a contemporary learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. We welcome every Jewish child, regardless of religious background or level of observance.  We want our students to experience Judaism as a relevant and integral part of their lives and we believe that this is best accomplished in a warm and joyous setting.

Our program is designed to actively involve students of all backgrounds. Our dynamic curriculum keeps students motivated and enthusiastic all year long.  At-home activities, weekly emails, and online photo galleries are some of the methods used to keep you informed and involved in your child's Hebrew School experience. Led by a dedicated team of educators, our teaching staff makes every day of Hebrew School meaningful and exciting.


Introducing... SEFATEINU!

Hebrew language learning is an integral focus of our curriculum. This year, we are excited to introduce Safateinu(our language), a stimulating Hebrew immersion program! In addition to mastering recognition, reading, and writing of the Hebrew alphabet through the Aleph Champ program, our students’ Hebrew conversational skills will be enriched in our Safateinu classes.


We are so glad that you have made this excellent choice for your family!

Rabbi Zalman 2.jpg 

Rabbi Zalman Baumgarten