Parasha Insights


A man is brought into Prison Cell 102 and sees another resident who looks at least 100 years old. The new man looks at the old-timer inquiringly.

The old-timer says, "Look at me. I'm old and worn out. You'd never believe that I used to live the life of Bill Gates. I wintered on the Riviera, had a boat, owed four fine cars, and I ate in all the best restaurants of France."

The new man asked, "And... what happened?" 

"One day Bill Gates reported his credit cards missing!"

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Mr. Goldberg bought a new fridge for his house. He put his old fridge in the front yard with a sign reading: "Free to good home. You want it, you take it." 
For three months, the fridge sat there and no one showed any interest. He eventually decided that people were too un-trusting of this deal, so he changed the sign to read: "Fridge for sale $200." The next day it was stolen.

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My six hour tour of (Chevron) Hebron

This week, I write from Israel. I am here in honor of my mother's first yahrtzeit. The other day, I was lucky enough to visit the city of Hebron.

The first place I went to pray was the holy site of Mearat Hamachpela. Mearat Hamachpela, literally translated as "Cave of the Double [Tombs]," is a cave in which four couples are buried (hence the name). The very first couple, Adam & Eve, the first of all mankind, are buried there. Near them lie Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, & Jacob & Leah. These are our forefathers… Read More »

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