Parasha Insights

Tell your problems how great G-d is!

Moshe meets Arnold at their social club and asks how Abe's funeral went the other day.

"It went OK, Moshe," replied Arnold, "but at the end of the Rabbi's eulogy, we all burst out into laughter. It was embarrassing.”

"Why was that?" asks Moshe.

"Well," says Arnold, "throughout his marriage to Miriam, she was always telling us, his friends, what a mean guy he was. He was obnoxious and selfish. Plus, he never had a steady job and the money he brought home to her wasn't enough for food and clothing, let alone holidays. Yet he drank heavily and often stayed out all night gambling. Altogether, he was a bum.

But at the funeral, the Rabbi spoke of how wonderful the deceased was, so… Read More »


When the Jewish people left Egypt, G-d sought to impress them with a miracle so spectacular that no one who experienced it would ever doubt His power or His providence again. He caused the waters of the Red Sea to split, letting the Jews pass through in safety and releasing the waters to drown the pursuing Egyptian oppressors.

After crossing the sea, awestruck, the Jews sang G-d’s praise, pledging their eternal loyalty to Him: “G-d,” they said, “You will be our King forever and ever.”

How long did their eternal love last? A mere 48 hours!

By the third day after the crossing, the people were hot, tired, and thirsty. They complained to Moses about the lack of food and water. Then, within weeks of the… Read More »

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